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Embark on a cryptic odyssey, ascending from eager novice to revered legend, navigating the tiers of the Ninja ranks with growing tokens and prowess.

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Baby Ninja

5,000 NINJA

In the cryptic order, Baby Ninjas take their first steps into shadows, armed with modest tokens, eager to begin their journey into clandestine arts.

Ninja Apprentice

10,000 NINJA

Emerging from novices, Ninja Apprentices wield more tokens, gaining confidence as they delve deeper into the cryptic web, evolving into budding practitioners.

Ninja Warrior

20,000 NINJA

Ninja Warriors stride forth, tokens substantial, showcasing agility and might in the cryptic realm, marking the transition from learners to skilled masters.

Ninja Master

40,000 NINJA

Esteemed Ninja Masters rise from trials, tokens and expertise refined, guiding the next generation with grace and wisdom, shaping the cryptic narrative.

Legendary Ninja

100,000 NINJA

At the zenith, Legendary Ninjas, draped in mystique, possess unparalleled wisdom and tokens, their legendary status marking the pinnacle of mastery, lighting the path for others.

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